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Group Fitness Nelson is right here,
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Please note – on public holidays we give our wonderful instructors the day off, and we run a Virtual Group Fitness timetable all day.

Access on these days is via Buxton Square with your 24hr key tag.

Meet your team of
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A passionate runner and gym junkie, I have done many different forms of fitness all around the world. 12 years ago, as part of my training program for my first marathon I took up yoga. I experienced how yoga offers tools for creating a healthily strong body and mind. 

I now combines regular fitness with yoga as an important part of my sports life. 

I’ve been teaching as a qualified group fitness instructor and an Anusara Yoga Elements teacher for over 7 years. I feel fortunate to do what I love, and love what I do!



I’m Georgie, a passionate Group Fitness enthusiast and advocate – when you mix inspirational music and dynamic, challenging moves with powerful team energy, the results are unbeatable! 

When I’m not teaching classes, you’ll find me with my Personal Training & one-on-one Pilates clients in the gym.

Privileged to be the mother of 5 amazing sons, I love to run, bike, tramp, kayak, sail and spend as much of my time being active outdoors in our extraordinary world as I possibly can!



I’ve been at MiGym for 12 years, when I started training with a group of enthusiastic kayak ladies lifting weights. I was adventure racing with Rach when I expressed my keenness to learn to take spin classes… I waited, I waited & waited, the day came, “Lynley would you be keen to teach spin at MiGym”. Hell yeah I would love to! I’ve never looked back.

We have an awesome Spin Team. Always striving to challenge those that want to be challenged. We throw in some encouragement and fun along the way. It’s the members in the class that keep me doing what I do – thanks for that, I love it.



I’m Anthea, a busy mother of 3 great kids and an avid runner, and I love to build my strength and flexibility in the gym to keep my running strong.

Group Fitness is such a good way to do this, and if I can help you to build your strength and flexibility for the outdoors then that’s fantastic. 

Nelson has so much to offer and a passion of mine is completing events, both running and adventure racing. I may see you at an event one day, and I look forward to meeting you in one of my classes soon.

Tina (Kristine)

Kia ora, call me Tina! I’m a certified Yoga Instructor and Holistic Practitioner. I am passionate about fascia, the mind-body connection and nervous system regulation. My Yoga Flow class at MiGym aims to combine strength and mobility, mindfulness and balance. 
Outside of MiGym, you’ll find me at Wellness New Zealand, Nelson’s Wellness Clinic. I offer a variety of healing modalities for the body, mind and spirit, including myofascial release, holistic pulsing and Angelic reiki.
I am loving teaching Yoga Flow at MiGym and if I haven’t met you yet, I look forward to meeting you on the mat. Ngā mihi!



Words from Katie to come…



Hey there, I’m June, and health and wellness run through my veins. With nearly 20 yrs experience as a personal trainer and group  instructor, I’ve led
sessions ranging from BodyPump and BodyCombat to BodyBalance, Thai boxing, and

But my journey doesn’t stop there. I’m a perpetual student of movement, currently
honing my skills under the Ido Portal method. 

Driven by my passion for helping others unleash their full potential, I embarked on a
journey that led me to become a chiropractor. My aim? To complete the wellness circle
by offering holistic care that addresses our body inside out.

Join me in this ongoing exploration of movement and wellness, where together, we’ll
redefine what it means to thrive.



With a strong belief that discipline and commitment help to achieve great results, I deliver training for everyone in a joyful and caring way, both through Group Fitness & Personal Training.

I have been in the Group Fitness world for about 20 years and found my niche in Pilates, which is my #1 passion. I am also certified in BodyPump, RPM, BodyBalance, Core, and a few more. Started my career in Brazil in the early 2000s, completed 3 Post-graduation degrees in Biomechanics, Exercise Physiology and Physiology because I love studying.

I have so much fun at Migym that I feel it is my natural habitat. I have 3 sons, Theo, Nico and Manu and am obsessed with my 3 dogs – Pipoca, Gigiba and Gorda. 



I’m Elena, a yoga and dance teacher, mum and lifelong movement student.

I’m fascinated by the ways movement practices can enrich our lives, how adaptable and intelligent the body is, and how I can share what I’ve learnt so far to support my students in their own movement journeys.

I’ve been practicing yoga for over 20 years, and continue to learn and grow every day.

When I’m not on the mat, you’ll find me walking the trails with my dog Latte or soaking up the sunshine at our beautiful beaches.



Kia Ora, I’m Xanthe. Outside of the spin room I am a year 13 student at Nayland College and a lover of all things outdoors!! I spend a good chunk of my time riding and racing my mountain bike and I spend the rest of my time thinking about riding or racing my mountain bike.

Spin has been a valuable and super fun part of my training for a few years now.  Spin has given me a lot of confidence and new found passion for encouraging others to push themselves. It might be gradually turning me into a morning person as well, dare I say it. I’m very grateful for the amazing team of instructors and members that make me want to get up so bloody early and start the day with a sweat fest!!



Hey team, Jess Harvey here! I tried Spin with Lynley in 2021 – WOW – mentally I signed up to become an instructor there and then!

I’ve been fortunate enough to notice the very real benefits of spin classes in my own Enduro MTB racing where I now feel fitter, faster, and stronger than ever – and let’s not forget about sweating it out, to epic music, with an awesome bunch of people as a mental health strategy, there really is nothing better!

I absolutely love how spin is for everyone; it’s completely up to you how hard you push yourself, as there is no risk of being left behind! And did I mention the vibes? The VIBES!! 😀



With over 25 years of experience, I share a varying graceful Yoga Synergy based vinyasa flow, as well as incorporating restorative yin yoga poses and meditative yoga nidra into my classes.

Yoga Synergy was developed by physiotherapists & is specifically intended for Western bodies and lifestyles. It is a non-linear style adapted from multiple Eastern styles including Iyengar, Ashtanga and Shadow Yoga.

This style of yoga releases modern day stress (particularly back & neck tension), builds strength, core stability, balance, coordination, & flexibility. The style is soft and fluid allowing you to adapt to suit your body’s current fitness and flexibility.


BodyPump classes are so much fun and a great way to exercise! I love teaching BodyPump, it’s an awesome buzz and so motivating to have a group of us working out together! 
Regular exercise is so important for our wellbeing – I find it’s really motivating to meet other like-minded people and Migym is such a cool setting to do that.
Whether its running, paddle boarding, working out at the gym or spending time with my whānau I love being active. 
Live with no regrets and make the most of life, I say. Hopefully see you at a Pump class soon!



Most of the time you’ll find me on the gym floor working with my Personal Training clients, but I also have a passion for working with seniors and helping them to stay active and strong. 

I have been teaching Use it or Lose it for many years, a gentle yet active class designed to improve balance, stability and build overall confidence for seniors. This is such a rewarding group of people to work with, and the social connections I believe are equally important.

When I’m not in the gym I love to run outdoors, catch up with friends, or get into my garden!




An Aussie that’s recently jumped the ditch!

I’ve been practicing yoga for over a decade and love the balance of discipline and creativity. I’m a huge fan of cosy Yin classes, spicy Vinyasa flows and incorporating elements of Pilates.

For me, the power of yoga is not about how many shapes we pretzel ourselves into, but how we learn to show up off the mat. 

On days off you’ll find me tramping in the backcountry and shredding Nelson’s wicked mountain bike trails. 



I love Group Fitness! I’m passionate about helping people to feel good, I encourage you to find the Group Fitness programs that you love the most. 

When you combine the mental and physical benefits of movement, with the motivational effects of music and powerful instructors, the end result is amazing. 

When I’m not teaching classes, you’ll find me cleaning toilets, supporting our team, at reception, or anywhere! As the gym owner my role changes everyday, and I love that.

Your name here!


We are always on the lookout for enthusiastic Group Fitness lovers to join our team!

You provide the energy, dedication and enthusiasm, & we will provide the rest.

There is no better feeling than inspiring others to do what makes them feel good!

We can train you in any of our programs (except Yoga you must be fully trained), so if you’re curious to find out more please contact Rachael, our friendly  Group Fitness Manager at she would LOVE to hear from you!

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