At MiGym our team of trainers are passionate, professional, and dedicated to helping you achieve results fast.

Thanks to Jo’s encouragement, support and exceptional training i have completed the Women’s Tri, 3 Half Marathons and various other events, none of which I would have done without her. Thank you!
– Merrin
Sally is a wonderful personal trainer who combines her knowledge with a personality which motivates and inspires her clients. I thoroughly enjoy our training sessions, and the benefits I have achieved are outstanding. She works me very hard, but we also have fun!
– Vern
The workouts with Alana are amazing! It’s so much fun, but also a really good challenge. I’ve made so much progress in just 4 weeks!
– Sarah

Meet Our Team

matthias henare

Certificate in Applied Fitness

With over five years experience as a competitive bodybuilder, Matthias has an extensive understanding of nutrition, training and supplementation. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle or strength, Matthias has an array of knowledge to help you achieve your goals. Matthias believes implementing the right mind set to training is pivotal in attaining the results you desire.
If you would like to get on track to truly achieving changes in your body shape or size, ask us for more details today!

nina lenihan

BA. Sports + Exercise Science, Cert. III + IV in Fitness

Nina promises to give you training sessions that will fast track you on your way to a stronger, leaner and healthier body. She is so passionate about helping our members to reach their goals, and has tried and tested all the exercises she asks of her clients! Quality of information and understanding is vital to Nina, she wants to share her knowledge with you and ensure you are learning along the way, to empower yourself.

Ming Thor-poet

Cert. III + IV in Personal Training

Fit, Fun and Fully Focussed!

Ming brings a powerhouse of motivation into the mix to bring out the best in your body.

Coming from the sporting Mecca of Queenstown and Wanaka, Ming lives and breathes peak fitness through mind, body and nutrition with knowledge and energy to challenge and inspire.
If you need dynamite to boost your confidence and fire you up on a fitness journey, then launch into a session with Ming today.


Dylan Wells

BA Sport + Recreation, Dip Applied Fitness

Dylan has been involved in sport and fitness as a coach since the age of 14, and recently has helped develop and run high performance programs for athletes in the Nelson area. He has a strong passion for volleyball, but a wide range of knowledge of the strength needs of many sports. Dylan has a great understanding of functional strength, which is necessary for everyday life, not just athletes!
Dylan’s Philosophy of ‘fit for life’ and his passion for helping people reach their goals, mesh together with his knowledge of strength and conditioning to help anyone reach their goals. Whether it’s as simple as wanting to keep up with your children as they grow up, shed some body fat, or wanting to become stronger and faster for your sport, Dylan can tailor an individual program to suit your body and your needs.

alana pearce

Cert. Exercise Consultant

With several years’ experience as a registered amateur boxer, Alana brings a unique understanding of boxing technique and fitness requirements to the gym.
This in combination with her energetic personality makes for challenging and fun sessions that cater to a wide variety of goals.
Alana believes the mental approach to fitness is just as important as the physical, resulting in a complete workout for both the mind and body.

jaron steffens

P.G.Dip.Sci (Psychology), B.App.Sci (Psychology), Dip Child & Adolescent Psychology, Dip Tch (PE & Health), Cert Personal Training, Holistic Life Coach

If there was one line to describe Jaron it would be ‘passionate about helping people’. This in built passion lends him to be fantastic with first time gym users, helping them achieve their goals despite being new to the gym environment. The desire to help people transpires into his other passions of injury rehabilitation and sport specific conditioning. Jaron has a great understanding of the need for specific and structured conditioning regardless of what level you are at. If you want a clever yet personable trainer, look no further.

JO Duncan

Certificate in Fitness and Exercise Science

Specialty areas: strength and toning, cardiovascular fitness, weight loss. If Jo had a middle name, it would be compassion. She leads our team regarding friendliness and her clients always receive attention that makes “personal training” an understatement. Jo prides herself in creating lifestyle changes among her clients that ensure results are achieved well beyond the gym door. If you find the gym a new or intimidating scene, here is your perfect guide.

serena hobson

ACSM, PTA Global Advanced Trainer

Serena is a UK REPS Level 4 Advanced Personal Trainer who has worked in the fitness industry in London since 2003. Her love of the great outdoors, mixed with a healthy desire for adventure, has brought Serena to New Zealand.
Serena places a strong emphasis on exercise-lifestyle balance with her clients and believes this balance is pivotal for them achieving great results. With extensive qualifications, & specialties ranging from back care and management to sports programming, Serena has all aspects of strength and conditioning covered.
So, whether you are a newbie in the gym, recovering from injury, or training for a specific goal, she will get you the results you want!

Sally Donkin

BA (Ed), Personal Trainer Cert (ACSM), Polestar Pilates

One of our most experienced trainers with 12 years in the industry, Sally has developed a fantastic, effective training method to whip your body into shape and ensure your core is rock solid, leaving you looking and feeling great. With her calm and gentle nature you might think she’s an easy trainer, but she has an amazing way of encouraging you to constantly challenge yourself, within the gym and within your lifestlye. The results her clients have acheived speak for themselves!

sandro costa

Bachelor Degree in Physical Education

Movement as a lifestyle! This is what defines Sandro’s passion.
From an overweight childhood to a podium in the Gymnastic Aerobic World Cup and recognition as one of the top Physical Educators in Brazil (Group Fitness), Sandro has been successful as fitness specialist in South America, Europe, Asia and most recently to NZ.
Be inspired to take your physical (and mental) condition to the top, through energizing and personally designed training sessions. Have a talk with Sandro, he’s passionate for helping people and sharing his know-how and knowledge.

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